Landing Page View -The number of times that a user clicked on an ad link and successfully loaded the website.

Link Clicks- The number of clicks on links within the ad that lead users to the website.

Landing Page View /Link Clicks- % of users that successfully landed on the website after clicking on an ad. 

You can view the landing page views/ link clicks under the Analytics>>ROAS Analyser section. 

Why is it important?

This metric is an indicator of the website's speed, it's implications are not just on people who land on the website from ads but through out the website flow. For eg. if the website speed is slow and the checkout page takes too long to load, the user might drop out. 


Industry based benchmark for Landing Page Views /Link Clicks is between 75-85%.

How can I improve my Landing Page Views /Link Clicks?

  • Check website speed on a regular basis.
  • Remove extra extensions from the website which are leading to slow website speed.
  • Remove additional javascript, heavy coding, Html and external links.
  • Check your website speed on Google Page Insights and follow the recommendations provided. 
  • Check website speed on , this website provides detailed analysis of the website speed and the methods to improve it.

  • Check website load time on Google analytics. It is available under behavior>Site Speed.

  • Check which page is loading slower than the website average and try to change the same in ads, if possible, or ask the client to take it on priority. 

  • Check week-on-week changes in page load speed and understand if any changes were made on the website or if new landing pages were pushed during that time.